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POC Testing

POC Glucose
POC Cholesterol
Urine Analyzer
Urine Protein Strips

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Glucose Meters

One Touch Ultra Mini
One Touch Ultra 2
One Touch Ultra
Accu-chek Mobile
Accu-chek Compact
Medisense Optium Xceed
Ascensia Contour
Bayer Breeze
Freestyle Lite
Accu-chek Active
Accu-chek Advantage

Test Strips

One Touch Ultra Test Strips
One Touch Ultra (10)
One Touch Vita

Accu-chek Advantage

Accu-chek Compact
Accu-chek Active
Accu-chek Aviva
Accu-chek Mobile
BM Accutest
Freestyle Lite
Glucomen Sensor
Glucomen LX Sensor
Glucomen Visio
Medisense Optium
Medisense Optium Plus
Medisense Softsense
True Track
Wavesense Jazz


One Touch Ultra Soft
One Touch Comfort
Accu-chek Aviva Lancets
Accu-chek Softclix
Accu-chek Multiclix
Accu-chek Fastclix
Ascensia Microlet
BD Microfine 30G
BD Microfine 33G
Medisense Thin Lancets
Safe T Pro Plus
Unilet GP Superlite
Unistik 3 Comfort
Unistik 3 Extra
Unistik 3 Normal
Wavesense Lancets

Lancing Devices

One Touch Lancing Device
One Touch Ultra Device
One Touch Ultra MIni
Accu-chek Lancing Device
Autolet Impression
BD Optimus
Easy Touch Lancing Device
Glucolet 2 Lancing Device
Medisense Lancing Device
Microlet Lancing device
Multiclix Lancing device

Softclix Lancing Device

Lancing Device Caps

Ultra Clear Cap
One Touch Ultra Clear Cap

Control Solutions

One Touch Ultra
Accu-chek Aviva
Accu-chek Compact
Accu-chek Active
Accu-chek Advantage
Accu-chek Mobile
True Track

Urine Test Strips


Medi Test
Multistix SG 10
Multistix GP

Software & Cables

One Touch Ultra Software
One Touch Ultra Cable
One Touch Ultra Mini Cable
Accu-chek Cable
Accu-chek Smart Pix

Glucose Meter Cases

Accu-chek Aviva Case
Accu-chek Aviva Nano Case
Medisense Optium Case
One Touch Ultra Case
One Touch Ultra 2 Case
One Touch Ultra Mini Case
One Touch Ultra Easy Case

Log Books

Accu-chek Log Book
One Touch Log Book
One Touch Ultra Log Book

Glucometer Batteries

One Touch Ultra Battery
One Touch Ultra Mini Battery
One Touch Ultra 2 Battery

Glucometer Manual

One Touch Ultra Manual

Medical ID Tags

Medi-Tag ID Bracelet

Insulin Pens

Autopen 24
Autopen Classic
Autoject 2 Fixed Needle
Autoject 2 Removable Needle
Humapen Luxura
Humapen Luxura HD
Humapen Memoir
Novopen Junior
Novopen 4
Novopen 3 Demi
Novopen 3 Penmate
Opticlik Pen

Insulin Pen Needles

BD Pen Needle 5mm 31G
BD Pen Needle 8mm 31G
BD Pen Needle 12.7mm 29G
Penfine needles 6mm 31G
Penfine needles 8mm 31G
Penfine needles 10mm 29G
Penfine needles 12mm 29G
Novofine 8mm 30G
Novofine 6mm 31G
Novofine Autocover 8mm30G
Unifine 6mm 31G
Unifine 8mm 31G
Unifine 12mm 29G

Pen Needle Disposal

BD Safe Clip
Sharps Bin
Needle Clipper

Novofine Needle Remover
Uniguard Needle Remover

Blood Ketone Meter

Optium Xceed
Optium Ketone Stips


Cholesterol Test Kit
Accutrend Plus
Accurend Cholesterol Strips
Accutrend Glucose Strips
Accutrend Glucose Control

Blood Pressure Meters

Omron Blood Pressure Meter
A&D Blood Pressure Meters

Blood Pressure Cuffs
Body Fat Scales
Tens Machines

Wound Dressings

INR Testing

Coaguchek XS Test Strips
Coaguchek XS Strips 48

Step Counters
Vitamins and Minerals
Scar Remover

Bio Oil

Olay Products

Herbal Medicines

Skin Care Products

Fade Out
L'Oreal Men Expert

L'Oreal Products
Nivea Visage

Nivea Sun


Glucometer Arm
Glucometer without strips
A1c Test
Multiple Patient Use Glucometer
Insulin Pen Storage

Digital Thermometers

Diabetic Life Insurance


Stair Lifts Guide



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How to Shop on Glucosemeters4u.com
Reducing the pain of testing
When should I consider doing extra tests?
How to carry out a test
Do I Need a Prescription From My Doctor to Order?
Warranty Terms & Conditions

How to Shop on Glucosemeters4u.com

To begin shopping online at Glucosemeters4u.com , follow these quick and easy steps:

1) Select the product you would like to purchase and click on "add to cart"

2) The Shopping Cart screen will appear showing the item and the quantity giving you the option to make changes to the quantity of the item, remove the item from your Shopping Cart or verify your purchase and checkout.

3) You may make any changes to the quantity of an item in your Shopping Cart, however, if you do click the Update Cart button to recalculate the totals in your Shopping Cart.

4) To remove an item from your Shopping Cart, the select the item you wish to remove by clicking next to the item underneath the remove column. This will place a tick in the box and click the Update Cart button. This will remove the item from the Shopping cart.

5) If you wish to continue shopping, click on "coninue shopping" and you will be returned to the glucosemeters4u.com site.

6) If you would like to complete the checkout process click on "secure checkout"

7) If you are not registered with Paypal then click on the relevant button. You do not have to be registered with Paypal to make a payment.

8) Please enter in the relevant billing and shipping information then continue to checkout. Paypal uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to make sure your payment is transmitted securely and confidentially.

9) If you have any questions or need additional information, send your inquiry to our friendly and courteous customer support team at info@Glucosemeters4u.com

Reducing the pain of testing

Fingers being sensitive, sore fingers are an occupational hazard of checking your blood sugars frequently! Reduce the pain factor by avoiding overly frequent sampling and by using the side of your fingers rather than the pulps. Also avoid using alcohol to wipe your fingers before a test. Studies have shown it does nothing to prevent infection.

It also helps to use different fingers - you have ten to choose from! This allows the site to heal before you inflict another 'stab'.

All our meters use very tiny amounts of blood, thereby reducing the depth of finger stab which is necessary. This can also influence the pain factor.

When should I consider doing extra tests?

Extra blood tests are useful during illness or stress

  • illness or stress
  • changes in insulin regime
  • treatment with steroids
  • pregnancy
  • when control is 'unstable' e.g. recurrent hypoglycaemia
  • when your level of activity changes dramatically eg. vigorous exercise driving long distances
  • Extra night-time tests are sometimes used to help identify the cause of nocturnal hypos.

How to carry out a test

  • Wash your hands with warm water and dry them thoroughly. This will improve the blood supply to your fingers. Avoid using alcohol as it stings.
  • Select a different finger or different part of your finger for each test you do. Repeated tests in the same place will make your fingers very sore and may give rise to callus
  • Avoid using your finger tips. Fingertips are very sensitive and have a higher density of pain receptors. Use the sides of your fingers as denoted in the picture.
  • Hold the fingerprick device against the side of your finger. Remember if you press hard, the puncture will be more deep.
  • Press the release button and gently squeeze your finger to obtain a drop of blood
  • Apply the drop of blood as instructed in your meter manual and proceed with the test

How often should I measure?

How often you measure your blood glucose really depends on the recommendation of your doctor/physician. Some patients may need to test (monitor) more often than others do.

As a general rule, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that most patients with type 1 diabetes test glucose three or more times per day. Pregnant women taking insulin for gestational diabetes should test two times per day. ADA does not specify how often people with type 2 diabetes should test their glucose, but testing often helps control.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to order?

No, you do not need a prescription from your doctor to order glucose meters and related supplies from Glucosemeters4u.com.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Manufacturer's limited warranty applies to all products unless otherwise stated. If the product becomes defective, contact the manufacturer before the end of the warranty date.

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